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Jennifer L. Meyer, M.A., LPC, NCC

Certified Fisher Rebuilding Seminars(TM) Facilitator

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor with 10+ years' experience helping clients through divorce recovery, Jennifer enjoys using the tried-and-true principles from "Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends" and "The Rebuilding Workbook" to guide people recovering from divorce. Along with other divorce-recovery tools, she has used these principles to help hundreds heal from relationship loss. She even used these principles personally to recover from divorce, and thrive.

Jennifer jumped at the chance to train individually with Will Limon (the Workbook author) in 2021 to become a Certified Facilitator. Now, she brings her years of experience to Northern Colorado Rebuilders, a company she formed to help men and women recover, rebuild, and find HOPE again after divorce.

Jennifer also hosts a biweekly coed divorce support group and has been a presenter for Second Saturday Divorce Workshops since 2019. Her divorce-recovery work has been featured in several publications. She is passionate about the work she does to help people thrive after divorce. She'd LOVE to have you join one of her Fisher Rebuilding Seminars(TM), or coach you through divorce individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Fisher Rebuilding Seminar™ the same as a divorce support group?

No. While you can expect support and understanding from the other participants in the seminar, this is an educational group for men and women recovering from
relationship loss/divorce. Jennifer, the facilitator, will teach a different Rebuilding Block each night of the seminar, followed by guided discussions, small group work, etc.

What types of reading and homework are assigned?

Homework includes reading from "Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends," as well as assignments from "The Rebuilding Workbook" by Will Limón, MSW with Nina Hart-Fisher. Through reading, workbook and exercises led by Jennifer, you will learn how to climb the Rebuilding Blocks to create a new life after relationship loss.

Do I have to do the reading and homework?

Yes; participants are asked to commit to doing the assigned reading and homework in order to experience the maximum benefit of this program. Participants who show up to all ten classes and do the assigned reading and homework heal much more quickly than participants who do not do the work.

The lessons covered in Jennifer's Seminars include (subject to change depending on group's needs):

Session 1 -- Participant & Leader Introductions, Introduction to Victim Consciousness

Session 2 — Adaptation: Changing Relationship Patterns & Imago Work

Session 3 — Cleansing Through Grief

Session 4 —Anger Part 1: Releasing Anger About the Past

Session 5 —Current Anger/Learning Boundaries & Assertiveness

Session 6 — Openness: Embracing Authenticity

Session 7 — Learning about Attachment & Raising Self-Worth

Session 8 — Letting Go to Reach Forgiveness/Disentangling

Session 9 — Love, Friendships, Relationships

Session 10 —Sexuality/End of Seminar/final FDAS scores returned

Why the cost? Some other divorce groups are free. And what all is included in the price of the seminar?

Well, you get what you pay for. For $750, you will receive the following:

- 30 hours of divorce education, led by a licensed therapist specializing in divorce;

-30 hours spent discussing your unique relationship dynamics with other individuals (men and women) also trying to understand the dynamics of an ending relationship.

-As you work together with your peers to learn about yourself, you’ll receive input and support from your peers, rebuilding trust in the process.


-Your book and workbook;


-Two administrations of the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale (one at the beginning and end of the seminar to show your progress).


How is Rebuilding different from church-based divorce-recovery groups?

The Fisher Rebuilding Seminar™ is not faith- or Biblical-based. All ten sessions/all thirty hours include a live, in-person, licensed professional counselor teaching
the content (no pre-recorded videos). Participants receive individualized attention, and Jennifer personalizes each seminar to the attendees' circumstances.


Has Jennifer taught other Fisher Rebuilding Seminars™ successfully?

Jennifer has taught multiple groups per year since completing her training and she has received so much positive feedback. Click to read testimonials from other Rebuilding participants of Jennifer's seminars.


The Fisher Rebuilding Seminar(TM) offered by Jennifer Meyer is $750 for 30 hours of divorce education, led by a licensed therapist specializing in divorce. Payment plans are available!
Is cost an issue? Contact Jennifer; we strive to make the program available to as many people as possible.

Why the cost? Some other divorce groups are free.

Well, you get what you pay for. This seminar is packed with proven tools and an expert facilitator/ therapist to help you recover from divorce more quickly, and with professional AND peer support--all in only ten weeks. We take the guesswork out of divorce recovery so you can heal quickly and move on with your life.

The 19 Rebuilding Blocks

  • In our ten-week, 30-hour class, Jennifer will guide you from fear to freedom by helping you climb the ten most impactful Rebuilding blocks (see outline of each session above).

  • Learn from professional guidance, others' experiences, and the tools outlined in Rebuilding from countless others who have already climbed this mountain.

History of the Rebuilders Program

Dr. Bruce Fisher, founder of the Rebuilders program and author of “Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends,” performed research that led him to imagine a mountain climb that guided a 10-week process, leading members from Denial to Freedom. Becoming more validated and open with their reactions and feelings, members move to a truer awareness of themselves. The Freedom mountaintop points to the building of a more whole, confident self.

Dr. Bruce Fisher (1931-1998) was born in Iowa but spent most of his adult life in Boulder, Colorado. He was a popular divorce therapist, author, teacher, and clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. He began working with his clients in groups and eventually found that there are 19 “steps” that people must work through to effectively “Rebuild” their lives after relationship loss. From this work, he wrote the book “Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends.” We still use this book in our classes. Since he wrote the book over 30 years ago, we have learned a lot and the program has evolved considerably.

Where are the NoCo Fisher Rebuilding Seminars(TM) Held?

Northern Colorado Rebuilding Seminars are held at the Jennifer Meyer Counseling office:

NoCo Rebuilders/Jennifer Meyer Counseling, LLC

375 E. Horsetooth Rd., Bldg. 2, Ste. 201

Fort Collins, CO 80525

Group Rebuilding room

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