Fisher Rebuilding Seminars(TM) with Jennifer Meyer, MA LPC NCC

Divorce Support Groups Serving Fort Collins & Northern Colorado

Welcome to the #1 Divorce Recovery Program in the world. For 40 Years.

Divorce Support and Recovery Group

Serving Fort Collins & Northern Colorado

#1 Divorce Recovery Program in the world. For 40 Years.

Fisher Rebuilding Seminars(TM):

Move On in Weeks, Not Years!

10 weeks, 3 hours a week in a small group setting.

Led by an experienced therapist facilitator.

  • End rumination about the past; be calm and focus on what matters

  • Release intense feelings of anger and sadness in order to be HAPPY

  • Learn what happened in your past relationship to find healthier relationships in the future

  • Create a new version of yourself, one you LOVE

  • Build healthy, happy relationships rooted in trust, good communication, and authenticity

Jennifer’s Fisher Rebuilding Seminars(TM) are unique:

Don't know where to begin?

Start Here.

Most people dealing with divorce are overwhelmed by so many sudden changes. Anger, trouble focusing, depression, and grief are very common. Plus, most people have very busy lives with a number of responsibilities, making it difficult to know where to start.

We take the guesswork out of it and guide you toward full healing--from people who have been there and done the work.

The best place to start is with the free self-test.

This will give you feedback on where healing is most needed, so you can tailor your learning and growth. Jennifer will use these results to help you tailor your goals in the group and/or work together individually.

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